Groundwater Monitoring Equipment

Groundwater Monitoring Equipment

Water quality Sensor
· Water quality sensor measures, saves water(groundwater/seawater etc.) quality data to be a basic information used for water resource
  preservation and utilization.
· Hydronet sensors have high quality and accuracy compared with the same line of business in the domestic/overseas market through continuous
  R&D and stabilization. [The measurement items and specifications of sensors are different as per the models. MK18 and MK21 sensors obtained
  CE certificate in 2014. ]
  • 지하수관측센서(MK SERIES)
  • 다중심도 관측센서
  • 다항목 수질측정센서
  • HACH(USA) 제품

Data Logger(Remote Terminal Unit)
· The equipment collects/saves the measuring data from sensor and transmits it to remote server via CDMA/GSM communications for long-term
· The user generally utilize the collected data for water resource policy establishment. So, the function of transmit and ommunication with
  reliability for this data logger is very important. User can choose the model type for Hydronet data logger according to the installation environment.