Groundwater Monitoring Equipment

Water quality measuring instrument

Multi-Parameter Sonde
Model : MK Series [MK18, MK21 etc.]
This model measures water level, water temperature, EC at once to monitor change of water quality state with high durability, accuracy and stability.

  • Application

    · The remote monitoring system of groudwater
    · The remote monitoring system of surfacewater
    · The remote monitoring system of seawater permeation

  • Features

    · Performance certificate by SMBA[No.15-508]
    · Patent Registration[No.10-0865639]
      Dynamic electric conductivity measuring equipment using graphite
    · Slim size to insert 1 inch well
    · Application of automatic temperature compensation
    · Ultra low power consumption by the digital electric power control technology
    · Excellent corrosion resistance applied to STS316L, Engineering HTPVC, Titanium
    · Outstanding convenience of detachable underwater connector type
    · Underwater cable of 100KG tensile strength
    · Built-in internal Lithium battery

Sensor Specification

Measurement range Accuracy Resolution Others
Temperature -5˚C~50˚C ±0.1˚C 0.01˚C Thermistor
EC 0~100,000μS/cm ±0.5%of reading or 5 μS/cm 1.0 μS/cm Graphite 4 electrode
Level(Depth) 0~21, 70, 210m ±0.05%FS 1mm, 1cm Gage/Absolute


Model Name MK-15D / MK18 / MK-15CTD / MK21-CTD / MK21-TD etc.
Parameters Water Level(depth) / Water Temp / EC
Water level (depth) Piezoresistive
Temperature NTC Thermistor
EC Graphite 4 electrode, Automatic method for measurement range (patent)
Communication method RS-485 [If Rs-485 used, outside power is needed(50mA, 100mA)]
Communication speed 9,600bps fixed
Power Supply Internal Lithium Battery
Clock Accuracy ± 1 minute/year from 0˚C ~ 40˚C
Memory Flash Type 4MByte
Size TD : OD.18.3mm/H 148mm
CTD ? OD.214mm/H 237mm
Operating condition -10~70˚C, within water pressure 225m
Remarks Detachable underwater cable connector