Groundwater Monitoring Equipment
Data Logger

Data Logger

Model: S-CAP / STU-CAP)
This is a new concept of remote terminal unit for long-term water quality monitoring system with solar panel.
This type is combined to WBI or STU with small sized cells and save/collect the data and transmit it to the remote server.
S-CAP/STU-CAP is the eco-friendly 3rd generation data logger without bothering the installation environmental limit.

STU + Inner Small Solar Panel + Solar Charge Regulator + Rechargeable Battery + Upper/Lower Caing

Installation example
STU Installation example/ S_CAP Installation example


Model Name S-CAP/STU-CAP
Processor High performance, Low power consumption ARM Cortex M3
Dimensions(exclude connector) 196mm(H)x152mm(W)x46mm(D)
Supply Voltage DC 12Volt
Supply Current ≤50mA @ LCD active, exclude CDMA modem, ≤60uA @sleep mode
Memory Micro SD up to 4GByte / internal serial flash up to 4MByte
Wireless Communication CDMA or WCDMA or 400MHz band RF modem(option)
Display & Control 400x240 QVGA Color TFT-LCD & Keypad
Built-in Surge Protection Devices each port, 3 stage
Innner Battery 10.8V Lithium 5,200mAh
Operating condition Temp. -20~55˚C, R.H. ≤99%(Non-Condensing)

External port

USB Communication Serical comport mode / mass storage mode
Serial Communication RS-485 or RS-232C, SDI-12, Opto-isolated 2-Wire TTL(optional)
Antenna SMA, CDMA or RF modem
External DC Power Solar panel or External Battery or External DC power
Digital input High impedance
Digital output Power, Open Collector, 3.3V TTL
Analog input Voltage or Current Loop