Groundwater Monitoring Equipment
Data Logger

Data Logger

Well Built-in Type Data Logger
WBI-R10 ; common development with Rural Research Institute[KRCC]
WBI-R10 is Remote Terminal Unit of water quality Monitoring system without outside power designed ultra low power.(with internal battery).
WBI-R10 collects/saves a water quality data and transmits it to a server in a remote place via CDMA/GSM data communication.
This is used as mainly monitoring system in Supplementary groundwater Observation Network in Korea.

  • Features

    · Regiostration "Superior Product" by Public Procurement Service (NO. 2010104)
    · Minimization installation space and No limitation amount of sunshine
    · Built-in Surge Protector
    · Alarm as event to an administrator through SMS
    · Remote firmware updates function throungh CDMA/GSM


Model Name WBI-R10
Processor High performance, Low power consumption ARM Cortex M3
Supply voltage DC 12Volt
Supply Current ≤50mA @ LCD active, exclude CDMA modem, ≤60uA @sleep mode
Communication port RS-232C or RS-485
Communication speed 1.200~115,200bps(CDMA Modem communication)
Memory Micro SD up to 4GByte / internal serial flash up to 4MByte
Inner Battery 14.4V Lithium 19Ah
Operating condition Temp. -20~55˚C, R.H. ≤99%(Non-Condensing)
Remarks Surge Protection function