Remote control & Image monitoring System

Remote control & Image monitoring System

Real time Alarm System(STU6)
STU6 is Monitoring system for Remote Image transmitting with easy installation, high durability, practicality.

  • Application

    · Sensing accurate event(door open, movement, vibration)
    · Auto saving& management of image
    · Safety power supply (Solar/Inner battery)
    · Unifying monitoring system of small potable water supply system
    · Possible to take pictures in the night(LED FLASH)
    · Built-in LED & Siren(Option)

  • Features

    · Size : Six angles /opposite angle 103mmx height 181mm
    · Communication : CDMA
    · Software : Above Windows VISTA , Explore 9.0
    · Power : 7~15 volt primary or secondary
      Battery with optional solar Cel
    · Processor : High Performance ARM Cortex M3
    · Saving method : Server & Micro SD Card (4GByte)
    · Camera : Above VGA , White LED Flash
    · Vibration sensor : 0.5g Default
    · Motion sensor : 5M
    · Door sensor : Sensing door open/close of water tank
    · Operating condition : Temp -25˚C ~ 55˚C

System Composition


  • · Real-time notice (Intrusion/ low-water level/Chemical lack)
  • · Real-time equipment monitoring(malfunctioning, error-detection etc.)
  • · Auto-saving function of Image/level data
  • · Independent management function (needless to the compatibility with installed water level controller.)


Sending content Data storage Data collecting Check to Real time
CCTV Video Camera(water tank) Site visit X
STU6 Sequential pictures Server(computer) Auto-saving O


Product constitution

Installation categories Service categories
TYPE1 STU6 + Door open sensor + Solar Send the security monitoring
TYPE2 TYPE1 + Water level sensor + (Chemical Disinfection Level sensor) Send the security monitoring + Water level manage + (Put into the drug manage)