Water quality Remote Monitoring System
Groundwater Monitering System

Groundwater Monitering System

The remote measuring instrument acquires in the water quality data of groundwater in succession.
The basic information is used for groundwater resources preservation and utilization.
The system is classed as National groundwater Observation network, Supplementary groundwater Observation Network, Groundwater after quality measurement network and Seawater permeation monitoring network in Korea.

System Composition
  • Automatic groundwater measuring instrument
       : Water quailty Sensor measuring water level (depth), EC, water temperature, PH and so on at the same time.
  • Remote Terminal Unit
       : Data Logger which is installed at the upper section of groundwater well hole and transmit the collectied data to administrator.
  • Program
       : Management software which is installed in the administrator computer to check water quality remotely and collect/analysis water
        quality data saved in RTU.
Groundwater Monitoring System Composition