Water quality Remote Monitoring System
Seawater Permeation Monitoring System

Seawater Permeation Monitoring System

The remote measuring instrument acquires seawater permeation state in the groundwater at the coastal and insular area in succession. The basic information is used for establishment measures of seawater permeation.

System Composition
  • Automatic groundwater measuring instrument : multi-depth measuring instrument with detachable underwater connector in the lower section.
  • Remote Terminal Unit
       : Data Logger which is installed at the upper section of groundwater well hole and transmit the collectied data to administrator.
  • Program
      : Management software which is installed in the administrator computer to check water quality remotely and collect/analysis water
        quality data saved in RTU.


Measuring instrument connected max 8 datachable sensors in one cable in series / Administrator can use it to collect multi-depth water quality state at once and acquire two-dimensional water quality information.

Seawater Permeation Monitoring System Composition


Seawater permeation means that seawater flows in freshwater aquifer by natural process or human activity.
It causes groundwater level drop and seawater level rise, at the end, human get the inapplicable groundwater and destroyed ecosystem.


· Salinization process by seawater permeation has various appearance according to the hydrogeological characteristic of target area.

· Basically there are two conditions; single aspect which has no crack between seawater and fresh water & complex aspect which has several cracks
  between seawater and fresh water.

· Especially in case of complex condition or single interface with change from time, “multi-depth groundwater monitoring equipment” is the most effective
  method to monitor seawater permeation aspect by measuring EC at several depths.

· Also this equipment is very useful to monitor rock aquifer , because boundary interfaces in rock aquifer appear in several depths.


  • · Seawater Permeation network is recorded in the national groundwater management plan(2012-2021)
  • · The monitor purpose is to investigate seawater permeation according to the eustatic sea level rise
      by global warming, groundwater infiltration decline by urbanization, groundwater over usage etc.
  • · Recently, water wells around the coastal area are closed due to the saltwater ion detection by groundwater over usage.
  • · Since 1991, seawater permeation monitoring network has set around the coastal area in the Korea.
  • · Korea Rural Community Corporation is operating 145 relate monitoring networks (about 350 wells based on 2015) now.