Advanced application research of waterfront Groundwater

Advanced application research of waterfront Groundwater

We are researching of remote groundwater monitoring system built in well from 2011 to 2016 with K-WATER researchers.
This system is different from exist monitoring system as flush type into tubular well and protection cover type including solar cell. We have a schedule to establish advanced application of groundwater with high-tech technical development as like Bluetooth function.

Groundwater wells built-in remote control metrology systems
  • Research Period : 2011.10.31 ~ 2016.6.30 (4years 8months)
  • Total Task : Advanced application Research of Waterfront groundwater (K-Water Research)
  • Major Task : Maximaztion of groundwater value and generic technology research.
  • Join Task : Groundwater Remote monitoring system built in tubular well (hydronet R&D Center)

R&D Features

  • ∙ Possible to use solely as flush type into tubular well
  • ∙ Possible to use protection cover type of well including solar cell
  • ∙ Low power consumption structure : standby 30mA / action average 150mA (based on 12Volt action)
  • ∙ Supply multi-connectable interface
  • ∙ Built on Bluetooth function(possible to check the data by Bluetooth in the surroundings)
  • ∙ Transmit/Collect data to server by TCP/IP connection through CDMA
  • ∙ One and Only flush type into tubular well in S. Korea
  • ∙ Available in about 2 years with only battery (based on transmission 12 times/1 day)
  • ∙ Semi-permanent product without battery change in including solar cap

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