Remote control & Image monitoring System

Remote control & Image monitoring System

Smart image monitoring system
This system is possible to unmanned image monitor and transmit data(SMS/MMS). And user can install this system simply without AC power. Reasonable and practical operation is the main strength of this system.

Application case

Basic Specifications

Supply Voltage 9~18volt primary or Secondary Battery with optional solar Cell
Supply Current ↖100uA㎂ @ Standby Mode
Operating Environment -25~55℃, IP67 Grade Waterproof
Processor High performance ARM Cortex M3
On Board Storage micro SD up to 4GByte or internal serial flash up to 4MByte
Wireless Communication CDMA[default] and WiFi/400MHz/2.4GHz ISM Band RF[option]
Built-in Senser 3-Axis Vibration, PIR Motion, Image Sensor With LED Flash
Display & Control[option] 320X240 QVGA LCD & Keypad or wireless hand held terminal
Dimensions six angles diagonal diameter 103mm, height 181mm
Built-in ADC, DAC, RTC, WDT, BOR,POR Built-in ESD and Surge Protection Devics Optional Built-in Barometer